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Braap connects diagnostics, know-how, parts, and service technicians together on one platform. Long before you need help Braap is connecting the millions of parts, maintenance requirements, and service professionals so you can easily get what you need. We are flexible; providing picture and sound diagnostic tools that let you get what you need on your own, while our door-to-door pickup and delivery service connect directly with our service team. Learn more about our company and new features on our social media channels.
Designed to make problem-solving easy, Braap’s advanced analytics provides different paths to find the right diagnostic, maintenance solution, or part. Our sound diagnostic engine captures the audio profile of a problem, then in seconds searches millions of solutions to find the right potential solution. When all you have is a picture of a part, just snap a shot of it; the Braap image search can locate a match. And when “something doesn’t feel right” on our machine that’s when our search bar is most helpful, describe the problem and we will find an answer. No matter how much knowledge you have about powersport machines, we make finding what you are looking for easier.
Visualizing a fix can sometimes be impossible. With Braap Interactive Builds, just drag and drop the part on the machine image to piece together your build; making it easier to make sure everything is a fit. Track your builds over time, add new diagnoses, and get information on shipping. Every time you use Braap’s search; the diagnostics, how-to-videos, and parts become part of your Interactive Builds history. Checkout is a snap, instantly the parts are in the cart and ready to order. Collaborate with others and share interactive builds. Braap’s next-generation technology makes interactive builds a tool that eliminates the guesswork.
Turn on Braap’s preventive maintenance and we do all the work remembering when to change the oil, replace the air filter, flush the transmission, rotate the tires, inspect belts and chains, change spark plugs, check engine systems, tighten nuts and bolts, replace batteries, and clean up rust. And when seasons change, we winterize and store. With Braap door-to-door service; we pick up the machine, conduct a 100-point inspection, complete maintenance, and return it to your location. Smart AI technology creates maintenance logs and recommends fixes, so you don’t forget to follow the factory plan and get the most out of your powersport machine.
Whether you are managing two or two thousand machines, Braap’s fleet management system performs asset tracking and key metrics reporting. Constant fleet tracking of powersport machines means smarter technology capable of predicting and solving problems. Braap fleet management tracks every aspect of the machine’s life cycle from geolocation to maintenance logs, diagnostics, machine history, and parts ordering. Dashboards and integrated business intelligence (BI) reporting enhances information sharing and planning. Larger fleets utilize the integrated Braap predictive preventive maintenance program that ensures that the fleet is in good overall health. And when it comes time to replace the machine, we can engage our marketplace. We’re constantly evolving with new ways to make fleet management easier.
Getting a powersport machine to a service location can be challenging. Braap’s door-to-door service picks up and delivers your machine to our professional technicians for repair. We use automation as the backbone of our service group, so we minimize the amount of time we have your machine while providing expert repair and maintenance. Before we pick up your machine; Braap orders the parts, analyzes the diagnostic information, and asks questions. Our door-to-door service works with Braap preventative maintenance and fleet management program to manage the details of logistics. Today, Braap is continually building its responsive logistics capabilities making the process efficient and predictive. Every day, our drivers and technicians make the ongoing investment of total quality.